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2010-04-18 10:47:37 by AliAli

Hi, I'm having some trouble at school. Not like with my grades or anything like that. Me and my freind abdullah ( We are both iraqis) are like best freinds. We met in the 5th grade and all that stuff. People are giving him a hard time. Me and him! Like calling him gay and stuff like that. And im fet up with that. There is this guy named Mahmoud and he gave me a word. He said " I like you not abdullah and if you leave him and then every body body will like you." I felt upset and said to my self do I betray my best freind for many freinds?

What should I do?

Please comment.


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2010-04-18 11:03:32

i should defend your friend if you are best friends.

AliAli responds:

Thanks for the comment.


2010-04-18 11:10:38

Dude, if he's your best friend. Screw the rest. And if he's getting a hard time, stick up for him - he'll return the favour :)

AliAli responds:



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